A procession of vehicles arrive in a vast deserted parking lot inhabited by sixteen wandering characters. In this field of ruin where chaos is taking place, bodies try to recompose themselves through the prism of rituals organized in a succession of ceremonial sequences. Radical imagination, organized disorder — the trajectory of the bodies and the vehicles unfolds and forms the basis of an experiential aesthetic of movement.


Conception: Liam Warren
Performers: Aurelien Charrier, Ramiro Erburu, Sandra Français, Thibault-Gaetan-Dubroca
, Tomas Di Giovani, Andrew Graham, Félix Héulme, Samir M'Kirech, Tomer Pistiner, Pauline Prato, Noëlle Quillet, Julien Rosssin, Chloé Safforés, Élena Thomas
Scenic design: Kevin Klein
Sound space (live): Jenny Abouav
Radio + Sound Technician: Olivier Maurel
Outside Eye: Mathilde Lepage Bagatta
Video Recording: Marine Sahakian + Heloise Amiel
Drone: Yann San Martin
Video Editing: Marine Sahakian
Thanks to Radio Galère for their assistance and support
Photo: Agnes Mellon