An interval in which things take place.

A space of tension that offers the potential to house, an environment of emergence.


The association's projects have been supported by the City of Marseille, the Région SUD, and the DRAC PACA (French Regional Cultural Affairs Agency of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)

RIFT is a creative house which focuses its research around the perception of the body, performance and light. A platform that produces performances, installations and video.
Formerly called Compagnie Warren, the choreographic creations Absentia (2016) and SPLIT SCREEN (2019), have enabled the company to develop a national and international network. Since 2017, the company has been established in Marseille, a dynamic territory on which it has weaved close links with key cultural players in the city and the region.
In 2020, the structure transforms and changes its identity, it is now called RIFT. Its creations aim to shift the gaze in order to invent a new perception, perhaps even a new sensitivity, of the way view bodies.